Education Committee

The Education Committee is a subcommittee of the Society Council. It was set up with the aim of reviewing the training programmes, setting exams, reviewing results and accrediting hospitals responsible for training. Membership consists of those in key training positions from most regions: Auckland, Midlands, Mid-Central, Canterbury, Southern and others, as well as Otago University.

The group meets twice a year to discuss exams, results, accreditation, course updates and new course development. Any recommendations are presented to the Council for discussion and approval.

Current Committee Members

Ellen Woodcock – Chairman & contact (Christchurch) and echo representative

Maree McCormick – (Dunedin)

Karen Searby – Developer of new CPM and CCP courses (Auckland)

Vanessa Beukes РCCP Co-ordinator  (Waikato)

Lauren Clarke – Site accreditation portfolio (Wellington)

Graham Orsbourn – Trainer training and accreditation. (ADHB Training Officer and Otago University representative)

Echo representative – Ellen Woodcock